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I love what I do who I do it for!

My ultimate goal has always been to take the private editing service to a different level, a very hands on and personable approach. The best ways to achieve success in this area is by working 1:1, becoming a partner and being an investment rather then an expense. Working in the industry for so many years I’ve always had the most successful results when being able to work alongside my business partners. It’s what rendered the happiest clients,  best results and exceeded expectations. However, knowing that this extra bit of me that I want to give has to also be sustainable for a growing business. If I could take a million of you I would, but then that would be the opposite of what I have always said - I’m not out for a volume based business, I’m out here for a one of a kind experience.


– All the editing tools in the Develop Panel

– Adjustments/Masks to achieve color accuracy + consistency

– Cropping + Straightening

– Live and/or Recorded Review Sessions

– Ongoing Open Communication + Feedback (hello, it's me)


– Custom Client Portal

– Project Creation and Management

– Easily Track All Your Invoices
– 1:1 Opportunities with Me- Editing Q's? (or a virtual happy hour works too)

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Some of the same benefits that brought you to partner with me + more goodies



image received

Color Matching in Lr Classic



150 images or less - $75

Film Matching in Lr Classic



150 images or less - $95


Based on complexity    of project

February 2022


o create the best experience is to treat it like a candid moment...you can't perfectly pose it

If I tried to combine all the scribbles, digital notes and the number of exchanged words with my business coach on how to create this perfectly designed mold, it would equal to half a year–it's what I've been working through actually lol.  How do I fit everyone, how do I price, what about all these moving technical parts, what about adjustment brushes... 🤪  As a creative myself, I have to be able to use all the creative tools in my box to achieve the best output. Most importantly I want to create a transformation for my clients that get them to their own ideal post production workflow– Everyone is unique. This experience will always continue to evolve as it needs to continue to meet your expectations. I hope we continue this journey together!


I'm for it! What next?

If you don't have any questions and are ready to travel 2022 together – Fill out the form below and you will be added to the 2022 client list. I will start sharing some of the updates to the process with you soon!